Saturday, 25 February 2012

That darned list of things growing

Righty-o. Here's the list of things growing in our garden/inside the house this season. It includes things that were overwintered. I'm starting with the fruit first, because this year there's an abundance of fruit growing (well, attempting to grow) in the house:

4 Strawberry (if they overwintered)
4 Raspberry Canes
2 Gooseberry plants
1 Blackcurrant plant
1 Goji Berry plant
1 Blueberry plant
1 Grape Vine (probably dead. Will see in the spring)
*The Strawberry Guava looked strangely dead as of this morning :-( I don't know how or why, since it seemed fine during the harshest part of winter. But I guess it may have been to early to have it spend an entire winter outdoors.
Also, the Suriname Cherry is starting to pick up on its growth, as is the Myrtle.

Veg! (and yes, I am including things that by definition are actually fruit, or as Almapaprika just said 'ya wouldn't put them in a fruit salad, would ya?', well, except for the Watermelon...but they haven't germinated, so not included)

Borlotti Beans
Coquina Squash (a sweeter variety of butternut squash)
Buttercup squash
An unknown acorn squash from TESCO
Purple Corn
Super Sweet Sweet Corn

More on the list later...


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