Thursday, 23 July 2009

Pigeons and wings...

I am going to start a petition to send to whatever 'higher authority' was in charge of giving city pigeons wings to have them taken from them.

Silly things just will not move when you walk towards them.

I know they see life in such a manner that their brain analyses our movement as we would the slow crawl of a snail, but I have had enough.

I want some other animal to get the wings if the pigeons are just going to waffle about not using them.

I want monkeys to have them.

And don't say 'Oh, come on!'

You know you want that too.

Not the higher order apes.


No...flying orang-utans. No winged Chimpanzees.

The 'lesser apes'

Flying Squirrel Monkeys!

Dive Bombing Tamarinds!


I am 'chuffed', as the locals say, with the progress of the plants. There are now 14 Chocolate Habanero pods on the plant, as well as three White Habanero pods! Weeeeeeee! There are also flowers on the Paper Lantern and Red Savina. The Chocolate Sweet Pepper is now producing more flowers, so a second harvest is under way!

I have started harvesting the Esplendors as well as the Piri-Piris, but loaded with plenty of little pods.

The Orange Habanero is packed! I know there could be more pods if I did a few more things, but I'll settle for 20 pods from it.

Heck, even the Caribbean Red Habanero, now in separate accommodation (after I liberally sprayed it to control the aphids) is carrying a pod!


Now, if only I could get the Fataliis to actually set a pod, I'd be the happiest pepper on the Internet!

Tuesday, 14 July 2009


Yes, it is a bit of a strange word.


The Chocolate Habaneros have FINALLY started to produce pods. I counted three today, and all indications are that there may be a few more in the works.

Not bad for a nearly four foot tall plant with about thirty flowers on it!


Yes, I am a little frustrated at times.

But other times I'm left in awe.

The 'Naga X' plant has now produced 10 pods, and is loaded with flowers, but dropping temperatures will probably stop more pods from developing, since pollen is not being released.

The Chocolate Sweet Pepper is producing a second load of flowers, no doubt a result of all the pods it carried now plucked out.

A second harvest? Might well be...

Someone has been messing around and playing games with me the past few weeks.

Simply must be.

The Orange Habanero went from being loaded with flowers and producing squat, to being loaded with flowers and now also with pods. I count about 15 so far, and if what I've read in THP about this particular Habanero is correct, it will bear loads of pods (in the hundreds). Still, I'll settle with having just enough to make a good sauce with.

The Caribbean Red Habanero, on the other hand, has been disappointing. Lots of flowers, but zilch pods. I think it may be affected by the fact that the Orange Habanero is overgrowing the CRH, which means it's cramped into a little corner.

I have just had to do something from work which just...well...this is a public forum, so in that respect I shall keep my opinions regarding work to myself. I would be very angry if I just wasn't so blinking disappointed...

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Uprooted Peppers

We have been in the services apartment for four days now, and you simply don't know the comforts of home well until you do something so simple as to say to your other half:

'can you pass me the pepper?'

and realise you don't have any because you left it in the flat you can't go to.

The meeting with the City council was reduced to a shouting match as people realised that the City of Liverpool just simply wasn't prepared to deal with this crisis.

The good news is that this is a dry run in case heaven forbid something worse were to happen. At least in this emergency neither scores of ambulances nor the coroners office needed to be contacted (though there may be dead plants soon, but I'm not sure if there is a gardening coroner's office in the city).

I have taken more photos (of the plants. The crane ones I've already posted on other mediums and I will not use the blog to show people any more of that than I have already shown through the bbc reports), but they are all uploaded into my photobucket account, but I will share a couple with you:

The Nagas

An Orange Habanero pod (getting more pods now. Hazzah!)

The Fatalii twins, now all grown up

A black Cuban Flower (have one solitary pod growing now)

Esplendor (left), the Naga X plant (centre) and the Chocolate Habanero (right). Choc Hab has produce loads of flowers, but no pods...

Well that's all for now. I need to get some shopping done. We have no cling film or little takeaway trays, and Almapaprika is working nights this weekend.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

What a week!

A friend of mine looked at me on Monday and said those horrible words:

What else could go...

I stopped her short of finishing and said

'Please don't say it. Last time someone did there were dire consequences in my life.'

I am at this moment, a pepper without a plant.

I was going to post photos on Monday of the progress with the peppers, but have been sidetracked by a crane falling onto the building next to where I live:

As a result, and due to Health and Safety Concerns, Almapaprika and I (and everyone else living in the nearby building) have been 'relocated' until the crane is removed.

It meant not being able to access the flat except for a window of opportunity (9 to 5) on the Tuesday to pick up essentials before the building was closed down. The previous night we spent in a hotel the construction company that was responsible for the crane nicely booked for all the people affected. We also had to get some clothes (and undergarments) for the next day, because no one was allowed back into the complex the day the accident happened.

So we're in serviced flats at the moment.

But because in those serviced flats they charge us £6.50/hour for Internet, I'm limited to what I can do at work, and I need to move the photos from the camera to the laptop.

Prior to all of this 'kung-fu collapsing crane technique' malarkey, I had been in contact with the person who sold me the original Naga seeds. It was a good conversation (even this blog was used as an example. I had to fess up and say it was mine), but I can't send her the new photos of the 'Naga X' because I don't have access to the photos (asides from looking at them from the camera), so this will have to wait. If anything, I have an interesting looking cross.

Oh, and my ex-landlords are just a pain in the rear. But it's not just me apparently, as I found out a work colleague also had this 'company' as landlords when she was a student and thoroughly hated the experience. I'm only glad our dealings with them are done (I hope). I don't expect to be renting anything from them anytime soon.

Other than all of this hullabaloo, if I could post the photos to you, you'd see the new Orange Habanero pods (the plant has now produced around 10), as well as all the new Naga 'X' pods (there are 8 total), and the 'forest of purple' from the Esplendor. Even the white Hab. is flowering!

Saturday, 4 July 2009

Not the Naga

Hmmmm... it seems life has thrown me a slight curve ball...

...or three.

The Naga Morich chilli seeds I bought online have produced a great plant and some interesting pods...

...but they aren't Nagas.

It seems Naga pods are supposed to grow pendant (hanging), whereas these pods are growing erect (standing up). Mind you, having looked at them yesterday afternoon, the look fairly 'Naga Evil'.

But they are growing upright.

I will see whether or not this is a condition of the plant in the first floor only or a condition of both the Nagas, since the one in the top floor has had some flowers open, and hopefully will germinate. If the pods grow downwards, all is gravy. If they grow upwards, I will see something is wrong.

The high temperatures this week were fantastic, because they meant more of the flowers released their pollen. The Esplendor is awash in little purple pods. The Piri Piri is also loaded with little pods.

I FINALLY GOT ORANGE HABANERO PODS! That is a relief. I was starting to think I was going to have the prettiest plant to not give and pods...

The Black Cuban is also producing some pods, which is good, and the Fataliis are also starting to produce flowers! yay!

Even the White Hab and the Paper Lantern are starting to produce little flower buds.

I need to take some more pics.